Easy to use behaviour management software for teachers and schools

Track behaviour, reports and homework. Log in online at any time to record and refer classroom events. Stay informed from anywhere to keep your behaviour policy positive and consistent.

Reward System

Track behaviour. Reward students.

Reward System is a points based online behaviour tracking and reward system that ensures behaviour policy focuses on positivity. Award points to students and classes and determine your own rewards. Maintain consistent tracking of poor behaviour through communication, analysis and monitoring.

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Track events

Add good news, bad news, sanctions, reports, comments and more

Analyse behaviour

Monitor classes, forms, houses and structure your behaviour policy

Monitor improvement

Track improvement on a week-by-week basis

Improve communication

Refer news to other teachers and add follow-up info

Reduce admin

Focus on students, behaviour and improvement, not paper

Keeps your data secure

Your students' data is secure and never, ever, shared

Features & Pricing

For Teachers


  • Track behaviour
  • Analyse your forms & classes
  • Refer news to other teachers
  • Improve behaviour
  • Data security

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For Schools

From £480 per school per year

  • Parent access
  • Analyse whole school
  • Analyse departments
  • Track homework
  • Track reports
  • Integration with MIS
  • 9-5 support

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Security & Privacy

We take security and privacy extremely seriously. You can find out more in our Privacy Policy.

  • We always use the very latest SSL encryption technology to protect your data as it is transferred over internet
  • All data is stored in the European Economic Area. Our data centre requires keycard access and has 24/7/365 security
  • We're registered as a data controller (ICO - Z3164232)
  • Your school owns the individual data about your students, and always will


"enables pastoral leaders to monitor very effectively students' successes and areas for development"

- Little Lever School Ofsted report 2010

"incidents of racism and bullying have been more rigorously reported and have seriously reduced"

- School feedback from 2011-2012

"extremely well received by both staff and parents... used extensively by staff on a daily basis"

- Peter Beal, Assistant Head

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Phone: 0203 286 9667
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